Our services

Safer Sands provides the following services:

  • Building new sandpits
  • Maintaining and topping up existing sandpits
  • Repairs and renovations to sandpits
  • Replacing the existing sand

Safer Sands primary role is the cleaning/filtering of playground sand pits using specialist cleaning equipment designed to clean small beach areas and around play equipment. We can also recommend and carry out a cleaning schedule that suits your needs and budget. All sand pits cleaned come with an audit report with before and after photos detailing the type and amount of rubbish removed.

Comprehensive clean
This type of clean is designed for sand pits that are in poor condition, never been cleaned or have not been cleaned for a few years, excessive debris from surrounding trees and other elements. There may be a problem with hazardous material present such as syringes or glass, high level of grass or tree roots growing through the sandpit. Small sand pits smaller than 30m2 usually require a comprehensive clean due to the complexities in cleaning this size pit.

Maintenance clean
This level of clean is to be conducted every 3 to 12 months to maintain a safety standard by removing the top layer of litter and contaminants and ensuring the sandpit is clean and safe. Our secondary role is playground auditing.  Qualified staff can assess the risk of injury of playground equipment and determine whether your playground meets Australian Standards.

Safer Sands can provide you with a playground inspection and auditing service that helps to make sure your play equipment meets Australian Standards, preventing any liability issues arising from injury.

Safer Sands can provide services to:

  • Councils/Shires.
  • Schools – Public and Private.
  • Playgroups and Child Care Centres.
  • Sporting Venues – E.g. Golf course bunkers.
  • Sporting Venues – E.g. Volleyball courts.
  • Sporting Venues – E.g. Equestrian training grounds.
  • Private and Business.



About Us

Safer Sands established in Western Australia and now offering services in Victoria. We are cleaning up Australia’s school playgrounds and public play areas.

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